Ffasiwn, the film


A short film starring the young people from the Coed Cae Interact Youth Group and Gellideg Foundation Group who parade from their estate to Blaenavon mountain, revealing an intimate view of their world. The outfits were designed and customised by the young people, and the spoken text was written collaboratively by the participants.

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Actors, stylists & poets:
Alisha, April-louise, Crystal, Daniel, Ffion, Isabel, Keely, Poppy, Rio.

Direction: Charlotte James & Clémentine Schneiderman / DOP and Producer: Joe Gainsborough / Assistant Director: Rebecca Kinkade / Costume Design: Cadi Lane / Sound Design and Original Music: Cal Swingler and Matt Mulle / Hair Stylist: Mark Fancome Painter / Post Production: @okaystudio / Poetry Direction: Emma Beynon / Youth Support Workers and Chaperones: Michelle Hurter and Mikka McDonald

Poem written collaboratively during a creative workshop with Emma Beynon.

My town is a patched up sofa
My town is about 12 noon when everyone is sitting outside having a catch-up
I’ve been here since I was born
People describe it as rough because they think there are loads of druggies
I’d hobble them, break their ankle, they won’t get far then
Sometimes men and women get to the pubs to get drunk
It’s a mess
shouting and screaming
Slamming doors and car trunks
And I think some of the residents had just had enough
That’s why some people call my town rough
But it’s my place, and I like it
I fit in
We consider our street our family -
if we need milk they give it to us
I love my town I know its mine well it is now at this moment in time.

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